Tired…just tired.

Let’s be honest. No matter how laid back you are, you always have that one day where you just can’t focus or even think because you are so overwhelmed at the amount of things you have to do? Well duh, we all have those days. Because we are human. For me, it has been this entire year. With all of my instruments, homework, babysitting, singing, chores, and just sleeping, I find the hours of the day draining faster than the kitchen sink. I have little to no time for my family, reading, or my friends. It really takes a toll after a while. At the beginning of this year I was so confident that I could control my schedule. I was in high school! I was mature enough to handle it all on my own! WRONG. No matter how long I spent organizing my week, how hard I studied, however many hours of piano I played, I always found myself feeling drained. Completely drained. My schedule had caught up to me. I didn’t know what to do. I had no desire to be with my friends, no desire to exercise, nothing. I had completely relied on me. My abilities, my strengths, just me. Bad Aubrey. I didn’t give God even a tiny margin of room. My activities were consuming my life. I am still in the process of simplifying my everyday life. But that comes with a few consequences…I don’t get as much cello or piano practice in as I would like, and sometimes instead of TV nights, I’m in my room writing a speech or doing Biology. But nothing is worth wasting away over. We have one life, and our biggest decision is how to live it. I want to live a life honoring to God. I want to serve him and shine a light to the world. I am just a 14 year old on this crazy ride called life. I have so much to learn still, but I kind of like the idea of getting a headstart!                                                                                                                                                            ❤ Aubrey


Auld lang sign…

I get asked what my New Year’s resolutions are and honestly, I really don’t have anything noteworthy on my list. I want to try minimalism, I want to get in shape,  try harder in my studies, and read the Bible every day. But a list is not important. As I leave this year behind me, I can’t help but think what it would be like without God. A lot of terrible things happened to me this year. My heart was broken over and over and over again by people I trusted and confided in. (No, this is not a boy problem.) As children and young adults we idolize people and worship singers, artists, etc. But there will always be people you look up to and deep inside you long for their affection and approval and you want to be like them! Your trust rests in their hands. I am so blessed to have a great number of amazing adults to learn from and observe. But when those people who you have put your time, love, effort, and energy into, lash out and shatter you and the people around you, it hurts. So bad. And when you reach the end of your rope and all you can do is cry, cry to Jesus. I had SUCH a hard time with this. I felt so abandoned, so betrayed, so tricked, cheated, hated, forgotten, and unloved. There is no one on this earth who can comfort you, calm your fears, free your worries, and lift your burdens. Only Jesus. Almost every day I look at my life and think “what am I even doing here?” On rough days, I question myself, my heart, my abilities, and my thoughts. But there is no reason to question myself! I was created for a purpose! I am a strong individual with an old soul. I am dependent on the ONE  true God and I know he will lead me wherever the path of life goes. So whether you are an emotional wreck crying yourself to sleep at a friend’s house, (totally been there) or lonely and scared, there is hope in the future and that hope is God. So here’s to an amazing, bountiful, surprising year of 2013! ❤ Aubrey

A few of my favorite things. (part two)

Holidays just make me happy! The music, the decorations, the sweet essence of candles. Everyone is in their best mood, who couldn’t be? Everywhere you go you see christmas trees, carolers, and candy. There is something truly magical about this time of year. Children quickly roll snowmen, trying to find just the right sticks for the arms. On every hill are great quantitudes of sledders, and the roads are filled with people coming to see their loved ones. So as you sip your cinnamon tea, cook your turkey, or hang your stockings, don’t forget to be thankful!:) ❤ Aubrey

This world has nothing for me.


Like the title says, This world has nothing for me. I don’t need a cell phone, a car, a house, a boyfriend, money, fame or a perfect body. In fact, I am far from all of those things! Society tricks us into thinking that all of those things are SO important and sure, they’re great to have but none of those things matter! Life as we know it revolves around objects. You have to be beautiful to be popular or in some cases, to get a job. You need a cell phone so you can text all of your friends or a beach body to show off your swimsuit, and money to buy all of the latest trendy clothing industries have to offer. I’ll admit, I love to be fashionable and show my style, or put a check into my bank account, waiting until I have enough money to buy something. I love having money! Who doesn’t? With money, you are powerful. You have the world at your fingertips. You have purpose. But with all these things, it is never enough is it? When I got this laptop, I was thrilled! I can have the freedom of owning my own computer and not have to share it! But after a while, I looked at the new Macbooks and thought “Wow! Look at how sleek, thin, and well designed that is! If I had one of those I would be happy.” Bad Aubrey! We as humans NEVER have enough because that is our nature. So if we can’t have enough, then why not have none at all? In the Bible, a rich, succesful man approaches Jesus and says “Master, how do I inherit eternal life?” To which Jesus replied “You know the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honor thy father and mother etc.” “But Master!” He replied. “I have followed all of these commandments.” Jesus answered “There is one thing you lack. Go, sell all you have and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven.” And the man went away sadly, for he had great possesions. This is a perfect example of what I’m trying to say. The rich man loved his possesions to a point where they became primary in his eyes. I am NOT saying that it is wrong to have money or nice things, I am saying that a lot of us are somewhat controlled by them. To companies we are consumers but really, I would say that we are the ones being consumed in this situation! For $500 you can buy the new Ipad 3, but with that same amount of money you can sponsor a starving child for TWO YEARS. You can be the person who makes a difference in the lives of both children and adults throughout the globe. In the end, only people matter. Whether it’s the girl you called a name, or the boy you teased, it all comes down to the day we all stand before God. We will be held accountable for every little thing we ever did. There are SO many people in this world who have NEVER even heard the name Jesus before! While we sit and text, there is someone dying of a disease or starvation, having never heard anything about God! Every three seconds, someone dies of starvation. Every. Three. Seconds. Can you Imagine living your whole life not knowing anything about eternity, to only die because you don’t have food and then to top it all off, end up in Hell?! That’s hardly fair if you ask me. But we are extremely capable of helping these people! If we spent a tenth of the money we use to but clothes and one hour of the day on our fancy devices, it would make a HUGE difference! Even in this country people are killing themselves becasue of insecurity, hatred, broken hearts, rejection. We need to reach out to these people who just need to be loved. So think about that this week. Think about how you can make a difference in your school, church or even your own home. We were created for a purpose, and that is to glorify God in ALL we do. And we can glorify him by telling the world about him and his undying, unfailing, incredible love for us. ❤ Aubrey