Auld lang sign…

I get asked what my New Year’s resolutions are and honestly, I really don’t have anything noteworthy on my list. I want to try minimalism, I want to get in shape,  try harder in my studies, and read the Bible every day. But a list is not important. As I leave this year behind me, I can’t help but think what it would be like without God. A lot of terrible things happened to me this year. My heart was broken over and over and over again by people I trusted and confided in. (No, this is not a boy problem.) As children and young adults we idolize people and worship singers, artists, etc. But there will always be people you look up to and deep inside you long for their affection and approval and you want to be like them! Your trust rests in their hands. I am so blessed to have a great number of amazing adults to learn from and observe. But when those people who you have put your time, love, effort, and energy into, lash out and shatter you and the people around you, it hurts. So bad. And when you reach the end of your rope and all you can do is cry, cry to Jesus. I had SUCH a hard time with this. I felt so abandoned, so betrayed, so tricked, cheated, hated, forgotten, and unloved. There is no one on this earth who can comfort you, calm your fears, free your worries, and lift your burdens. Only Jesus. Almost every day I look at my life and think “what am I even doing here?” On rough days, I question myself, my heart, my abilities, and my thoughts. But there is no reason to question myself! I was created for a purpose! I am a strong individual with an old soul. I am dependent on the ONE  true God and I know he will lead me wherever the path of life goes. So whether you are an emotional wreck crying yourself to sleep at a friend’s house, (totally been there) or lonely and scared, there is hope in the future and that hope is God. So here’s to an amazing, bountiful, surprising year of 2013! ❤ Aubrey


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