Ode to fall.

Oh fall, dear fall, why did you have to go? Your dancing leaves and scarlet trees make winter my new foe. When snowflakes fall and Jack frost calls, the wind will hear my woes. I’ll wait ten months ’till you return, the wait will sure be slow. But nature is a symphony and on the show must go. ~Aubrey Connolly (me)

Weekend thoughts.

I sit here, my mind in a fog. People are calling my name every five seconds with some new feat or chore for me to do. It will be only a matter of seconds before a small child come running in the room, screaming my name at the top of his/her lungs! My house is a monopoly of toys, dishes, and people 24/7. To me, serenity is just making it up to my room for five minutes:) My choices are this: I can dodge all the mess and frustration and hide away in my room, yet still being exausted in the process, or I can contribute and clean, while being exausted, OR I can engage in extra-curricular activities with my younger siblings such as walks, running, or even checkers. And STILL be exausted. I was born into my fun family and proud of it, but sometimes I just need a break to spill out my frustrations or latest events on paper (or here). Often times I dont put my life in perspective. Other days I will be happy, energetic, and fun! It’s kind of a talent we teenagers have (being slightly bipolar is normal for us apparently). But with all that’s happening in life at the moment, I often find it is even hard to be a teenager! Sometimes I honestly forget I am only 14! From my desktop to yours, ❤ Aubrey

A spot of tea.

Whether you are snuggled up with a book on a cold day, or watching your favorite show, nothing screams relaxation more than a steamy cup of heaven. Personally I love chai, spice, and fruit teas the most. What is your favorite kind? ❤ Aubrey

A few of my favorite things (part one)

They can’t necessarily be wrapped in brown paper packages, but horses are such amazing creatures and one of my favorite pastimes and hobbies. I have been riding horses and loving it since I was just a wee little girl. Ever since I was lifted on the pony at the fair, I was hooked and you can’t blame me! They are so majestic and beautiful. God is so amazing and he shows it through all he creates. Some people call me the animal whisperer, but really I just LOVE all animals and they love me:) Riding is not just jumping on and going, it is a bond you create with your horse, and takes some time to form. Riding is the purest form of freedom (to me anyway) and the wind blowing in my hair combined with moving at fast speeds kind of makes me want to just take off and gallop away into the sunset…ahhh. I dream to have (if I’m ever very wealthy) a small hobby farm in the country with two horses and one cow and eight chickens, and a large round studio apartment overlooking downtown Minneapolis or Chicago. I know it’s a lot to ask, but a girl can dream right?:) What is your dream house(s)?