DIY painted canvas shoes

Hello! Today I am going to share with you my way of painting canvas shoes. I got the idea from Elsie does this with a thimble and different shoes and paint but I wanted to do my own spin on it:) First you need your shoes. I got mine at Wet Seal for $16.99, but you can do these with any pair of canvas shoes. Then you need paint. I used some extra acrylic paint we had at home, but the best option would be fabric paint (not puff paint) or waterproof paint. Next you need a marker lid. A big or little will work depending on what type of shape you want. Next I put a small puddle of paint on my palette, then dipped my marker lid in the paint evenly, and press it gently onto the area you wish to paint. No need to do two coats- it is thick enough the first time! ( learned from experience). Fill in any bare spots with a thin paintbrush and let dry. I sprayed mine with Scotch gaurd to keep out moisture and staining. have fun with your new shoes!:) -Aubrey<3


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